Kiwi Fruit : Sweet & Juicy

Pistachio : Best Quality Pistachios Sourced From Rafsanjan

Rice : Good Taste And Low Broken Ratio

Vannamei Shrimp: Vannamei Shrimp With Best Quality

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Improves digestion and reduces the sensation of heaviness associated with protein-rich foods

Contains as much potassium as a medium banana which supports normal function of the nervous system and muscular contraction

Contains both soluble and insoluble fiber which may improve bowel movements and reduce time of intestinal transit

100% of your daily Vitamin C needs in just one fruit which supports normal immune function

Contains over 20 vitamins & minerals per serving

FODMAPs are carbohydrates that are resistant to digestion causing digestive issues for people with IBS. Kiwifruit helps manage constipation, reduces bloatedness, increased digestive comfort, and promotes regular bowel habits in individuals with and without IBS

: Low glycemic index in conjunction with the fiber help maintain energy levels and avoid the spike & crash associated with carbohydrates